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It all started with

The Art and Science
of Better Onions

 In 1983, using research and science, brothers Steve and David Gill set out to provide the highest quality, value-added onion products to customers. But being the best wasn’t enough – they also wanted to practice the art of making a difference. So, Gills has been committed to sustainability for decades. And in that time, we’ve grown to be one of the world’s largest family-owned onion processors. Onions are all we do, and we take pride in being the best.

Red Onion

Why we rise

to the top

Many intricate details go into raising the best onions. Gills devotes time, money, and energy into researching and processing a product that has a distinct advantage. Due to our obsession with Onionology, our onions have a higher keep time and less odor, and can be cut with fewer tears. We even employ a sustainable symbiotic waste-powered energy solution. When you peel away the layers, Gills simply has a superior onion.

Sustainability Testing
Whole Onion
Gills Onion Oxnard CA

Strongly Rooted

In the Quest to Be the Best

The highest quality products start with the soil. Ours is rich in macro and micronutrients, helping to grow onions with a strong root system. Strong roots help onions withstand pests and weather. These resilient onions come in a great many options, which are harvested from our different growing regions in California with our growing partners. 
Whole Red Onion

Our Dedication to


Gills is devoted to providing the highest-quality value-added onion products with the lowest environmental impact. From our growing practices to our commitment to zero waste to employee relations, sustainability is at the core of our operations. 
Food Safety
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