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About Us: Our Story

Our Agriculture Legacy

Steve Gill in Onion Field

Our story began with two brothers, Steve and David Gill, fourth generation California farmers who grew up on a small farm in King City. The Gill brothers were intimately involved in their family farming operation, but they had bigger plans. Together, Steve and David expanded their family agricultural operation , which includes Gills Onions.  With Steve’s vision of turning Gills Onions into the best in the business, the company grew and evolved. 


Several decades later, the heart and soul of our company remain the same. We’re still family owned, and many of our employees have been with us since the beginning. There are even multiple generations of families working with us to grow our superior-quality onions. Thanks to Steve’s dedication, our family farm values remain strong to this day.


Core Values

Innovation • Sustainability • Quality​

Gills Onion Oxnard CA


Growing Partnerships
With Our Communities

Gills Onions is dedicated to staying engaged in the communities where we operate. Just some of the ways include: supporting local FFA chapters; contributing to Students for Eco-Education and Agriculture (SEEAG); and forming partnerships with regional and national leaders focused on helping our local farming communities.

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