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The Gill Brothers

The Gill brothers began farming in 1979.

Steve Gill

Gills Onions was founded in 1983.

Gills Has 300 Employees
Gills Whole Peeled Onions

Gills Onions was one of the first to provide whole peeled onions for processors across the country.

Gills Onions Have 18-Day Shelf Life
Gills Onions Plant

Gills moved to their Pacific Avenue facility in 2000.

Gills's Onions Uses Vertical Integration
Fresh Diced Red Onions

Gills started with whole peeled onions to meet customer needs, adding other value-added onions in 2002.

Gills Onion Plant

In 2009, Gills Onions implemented the Advanced Energy Recovery System, which converts 100% of onion waste into ultra-clean electricity.

Onion Sowing in Field

Gills utilizes an innovative laser system to seek out and kill weeds, reducing reliance on pesticides.

Gills Onions Quality Control

Gills has an onsite food safety lab in addition to sending products out for testing with a third-party lab.

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