Calculate Your Onion Savings

When it comes to food preparation, we understand the power of saving chefs time and money. That’s why Gills Onions prides itself on being a value-add product. Our whole-peeled and sliced onions not only taste the best in the industry, but they also shine in the back end of the kitchen as an efficiency star, saving you time, labor and money.

To illustrate how beneficial our onions can be, we love to use the Gills Onions Product Calculator. Learn more about this fantastic tool on our website, and how you – the chef or operator – can calculate your potential annual savings by using Gills Onions.

Use Our Online Savings Calculator For Free

The onion product calculator is simple to use and free to try – so what’s stopping you? We’ll break it down a little to further explain how it works.

  1. First, choose the product you’re measuring. 
  2. Next, select the base cost you would typically pay for this item. 
  3. Third, input the time it typically takes for you to prepare this item. 
  4. The last variable is the hourly wage of whoever prepares the onions, which will vary by region. 

After inputting all of this information, the calculator will automatically populate the fields below.

  • Gross Weight
  • Gross Cost (per lb)
  • Trim Loss
  • Net Usable Weight
  • Net Cost (per lb)
  • Direct Labor Cost (per case)
  • Indirect Labor Cost (per case)
  • True Cost (per case)
  • True Cost (per lb)

Based on these figures, you’ll be able to see just how much the time and money that goes toward preparing your own onions can impact your overall costs—and we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the savings. “I’d say 90% of the time, we beat the price of preparing the product on your own,” said Owner/CEO Steve Gill.

100% Useable Product

One of the reasons Gills Onions saves people so much time and money is that we ship a 100% usable product. This means that with Gills, there is no waste – every last bit of the onions you receive can be incorporated into the kitchen.

“We do have 100% usable product,” said Steve. “Others don’t know what percentage yield they get, and with all the waste that comes with peeling an onion, it makes a lot of sense to buy from somebody like ourselves.”

Eliminate Hidden Labor Costs & Cut Down on Injuries 

One of the key takeaways from the product calculator is the indirect labor costs that come with onion preparation. Time spent cleaning up whisps of onion scales, taking out the trash more often, and taking a moment in the walk-in freezer to let your eyes stop watering all add up! “Onions are the most powerful vegetable in the world,” said Steve. “They make you cry!”

Steve elaborated on this point further, saying, “Usually, the people who are peeling onions feel like they’re being punished. It’s not a glamorous job.”

Our whole peel program enables chefs to get rid of these hidden labor costs, as well as reduce injuries in the kitchen. Gills Onions save you and your staff the headache of peeling, cleanup, waste disposal, and slicing injuries that come with preparing onions on-site.

How Your Team Can Use This Tool Out In The Field

For our operators, the product calculator is also a great tool to use out in the field. When your clients want to talk onions, you can be prepared to show them potential savings instantly. “I always say, get people to look at their savings in a calendar year,” said Megan Jacobsen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Commodity prices on sack onions fluctuate throughout the year, but our whole-peeled onions offer a consistent yield, consistent price, and consistent quality, every single time.”

Try out the product savings calculator today, and start your whole peel journey with Gills.

Ready to try onions grown “The Gill Way?” Contact the Gills Onions sales department to learn more.

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