Can Onions Freeze? Yes, Please!

One of the most common questions we get at Gills Onions is … do onions freeze well? The answer is yes!

When you buy Gills Onions at your local grocery store, they can be frozen and saved for later use. All onions can be frozen, but because of our unique growing practices, Gills Onions present with higher quality after freezing than the average onion. You will definitely be able to tell the difference. 

Here’s everything you need to know about why you should freeze onions, how to freeze them for optimal quality and flavor, and how to use those frozen onions in your next recipe. 

Onions? Freeze Away!

One of the many great things about onions is that they naturally store longer than many other vegetables. But, if you do find yourself with more onions than you need right now on your hands, you can absolutely freeze them for up to six months

One important thing to realize, though, is that frozen onions can then only be used in cooked recipes. The texture of a fresh onion will naturally break down during the freezing process, so you won’t want to enjoy thawed onions raw. But, they will be delicious sauteed, caramelized, grilled or roasted. 

Make Meal Prep a Breeze When You Freeze 

There are many reasons to freeze onions. It will save you time and money, keep you from wasting onions, and make meal prep a breeze. After all, nobody likes chopping onions. Our recommendation: Buy Gills Onions already diced and ready to use and freeze from there.

Onions are also the perfect ingredient to add to all sorts of recipes — including recipes that you can prep ahead of time and freeze for later, like slow cooker meals, soups, pasta dishes, enchiladas, and more. 

To freeze your onions, simply place diced onions in a freezer-friendly container or disposable bag. You may consider freezing onions in commonly used sizes of batches like one cup or two cup servings. The best part is that you don’t need to thaw your onions before you start cooking. Just dump frozen onions directly into the pan or pot. 

Why Gills Onions Freeze So Well 

Gills Onions are the perfect onion for freezing. What sets our onions apart from the rest is our unique prescription for growing onions that stay fresh. The key is to curate onions with less water in their cells than the typical bulk onion. 

Foods with high water content spoil faster and become mushy when thawed after freezing. So, our drier onions are a much better option. 

Ideas for Using Your Frozen Onions

Using your frozen onions is as easy as using an onion that you have freshly diced. The only major difference is that frozen onions will release more water during cooking than a fresh onion. You may need to adjust cooking times to allow that extra moisture to evaporate. 

Looking for a few recipe ideas to get you started? Here are some of our favorites:

Ready to try onions the Gills Way? Find them in your local grocery store today.