Our Story

Mission & Vision

Gills Onions is dedicated to serving our customers with the highest-quality, fresh-cut onion products. We are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers, suppliers, and employees by exercising fairness and respect in every aspect of our business. We continually strive for optimal operational efficiency to assure the sustainability of our environment and our business.

We believe in a future where Gills Onions maintains its passion for innovation, social responsibility, quality, taste, flavor, and good business practices to increase visibility, awareness of health benefits, and consumption of our onions. To allow for new opportunities and partnerships that meet the needs of all stakeholders—including our employees, customers, and the communities we serve. To grow our leadership in the fresh produce industry while honoring our legacy of commitment, caring, and environmental stewardship.


At Gills Onions it is our goal to provide the highest-quality onion products with the lowest environmental impact. To help conserve and protect our planet’s resources we use innovative methods that maximize operating efficiencies in all areas of our business. The centerpiece of our sustainability efforts is our Advanced Energy Recovery System (AERS), which converts 100% of our onion waste into ultra-clean, virtually emissions-free electricity.

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