Our Story

In 1983, farming brothers Steve and David Gill founded Gills Onions which set out to provide the highest-quality and sustainably grown fresh-cut onion products to its customers. Over the years, Gills Onions has grown to be one of the nation’s largest family-owned onion growers and processors in the world and is renowned for its quality and customer service.

Our Core Values




Gills Onions has been family owned since 1983 and we’ve grown a lot since then, but our values have remained the same. From the beginning, Steve and David Gill have had one goal in mind: quality. That quality is something you can see, smell, and, most importantly, taste. Our key to success has been to practice what we preach. Through our dedication to innovation, conservation, sustainability, and safety, Gills Onions remains a proud part of the legacy that is American farming.

Growing Partnerships with Our Communities

From supporting local FFA Chapters to forming partnerships with local and national leaders to help our local farming communities, Gills Onions is engaged in the communities where it operates.

Our Story in Photos