Beet Pickled Eggs




½ cup Gills’ pickled onions
1 cup beets, chopped into 1” pieces
1 cup beet cooking water
2–3 cups pickled onion brine to cover the eggs (depends on the jar and size of chopped beets)
3 pods cardamom
2 star anise
6 hard-boiled eggs, peeled


  1. Cook beets in water. *Save the cooking water
  2. Place eggs in a jar, layering the pickled onions and beets among the eggs.
  3. Combine beet juice and pickled onion brine and pour over the eggs.
  4. Cover, refrigerate and store for a week to blend flavors until the eggs turn pink.

Beet Pickled Eggs

*You can use whole canned beets and drain the juice from the can for the liquid