Chickpea Curry Chili, Pickled Red Onions, Smoked Paprika, Herbs, Naan Bread




Serves 4

• 1 recipe Chickpea Curry Chili (recipe below)
• 2 Tbsp pimento smoked paprika
• ½ cup Pickled Red Onions (recipe below)
• 1 bunch cilantro, picked
• 1 bunch basil, picked
• 4 naan breads, warmed


1. Warm the Chickpea Curry Chili in a pot until hot throughout.
2. Place 10 to 16 ounces of chili in each bowl.
3. Sprinkle the smoked paprika over it, and then place the Pickled Red Onions on top.
4. Garnish with the cilantro and basil.
5. Serve the warm naan bread on the side.

Chickpea Curry Chili

• 4 yellow bell peppers, small-diced
• 1 butternut squash, small-diced
• 1 cup Gills Red Onions, diced
• 8 cloves garlic, chopped
• 6 Tbsp curry powder
• 4 Tbsp ground coriander
• 4 Tbsp ras el hanout
• 1 qt vegetable stock
• 4 cans chickpeas, drained and rinsed
• ½ cup Wondra flour
• Salt and pepper, to taste

1. In a large pot, sweat the yellow bell peppers, butternut squash and red onions until soft.
2. Add in the chopped garlic and spices, and cook until aromatic.
3. Add in the vegetable stock and drained chickpeas, and bring to a simmer.
4. Cook this until all the vegetables are cooked and the broth has reduced a little.
5. Sprinkle in the flour, and mix until combined.
6. Continue to cook until the chili has thickened.
7. Adjust the seasoning with the salt, pepper and curry powder.
8. Reserve for plating.

Pickled Red Onions

• 4 cups Gills Red Onions, diced
• 2 Tbsp salt
• ¼ cup sugar
• 2 cups red wine vinegar
• ¼ cup red beet juice

1. Season the diced red onions with salt and sugar, and let sit for 20 minutes.
2. Pour in the vinegar and beet juice, and mix.
3. Let sit for 1 day before using.

Chickpea Curry Chili Recipe